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Hello. Contrary to what your Satanist government may tell you, Muslim extremists have feelings, too.

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Jun 6, 2005
My Sister

This is a picture of my sister, Rima al-Sadr Muqtada bint Hussein al Sada bint Laden the Whore. She has vertical breasts. It is a disgrace to humanity. My other sister only has one vertical breast. Is that worse than two?

Everyone says we look alike, but I am not a whore.

Posted at 06:03 am by Osama
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May 12, 2005
Your Mother is a Goat

and your father is a hamster!

Posted at 11:27 am by Osama
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Mar 6, 2005
Whorey Whores!!

YES I AM REALLY FROM AFGHANISTAN! You shoe-faced son of Western whores!

I must now go cleanse myself from all of your evil debauchery. I laugh at your mommy's Prozac pills!!!!




Ps- Maybe I AM in Afghanistan, maybe I am NOT. Woo heehee, you infidels may never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 08:35 am by Osama
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Feb 2, 2005

Americans are making fun of proud Iraqi "Resistance" Fighters who take Barbies hostage! I say to them: Your women are dogs and your children are gophers! With nasty teeth!

Infidels do not know the treachery of the G.I. Joe. The Great Satan thinks that it can simply dismiss the actions of the insurgents in Iraq because they photographed a doll in a hostage situation. I say to the Great Satan that the insurgents meant to take the doll hostage! Dolls are evil and satanic!

Thank you to all of the emails from you kufrs who like this site! You are non-whores!


Posted at 06:01 am by Osama
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Jan 31, 2005
Stupid Infidels

The infidels are overthrowing my beloved regime in Iraq! Ack! What shall I do?

Only stupid whores leave comments challenging me, the GREAT OSAMA! FEAR ME! Ooooo I wiggle with fear in my robes because little baby girls leave comments challenging me! My hair knees quake with trepidation of the unknown!

Whores! All of you!

Posted at 12:17 am by Osama
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Jan 21, 2005

Bushdog has been re-elected by the USA Satans. I weep in my auntie's beer.



Posted at 04:59 am by Osama
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Jan 3, 2005
Yes Yes Yes

Happy New Year's, kufrs. It's a new year to run from the Americans. Oh, joy. Never think about anyone else, do you? What if I want to put my hairy feet up and sip some fig wine? Noooo, it's all about big-boom-New-York celebration, isn't it?

Only infidels like New Year's Day!

Posted at 07:26 am by Osama
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Dec 12, 2004
Tee hee!

Those little Satans think they know where I be! Hoo hoo! This tickles your resident Muslim Extremist pink! I love when infidels who love evil things such as voting and women's rights (the right to wear a burkha and cook for me!) issue meaningless statements about my location. Do you know my location? I didn't think so, kufr!

I killed an innocent sheep today because it had a black spot on its gray wool. That means it was marred by Satan himself. It was probably a Jew-sheep. It's of the devil's workshop!

I bathed myself again to cleanse from having to kill the Satansheep. That's three times in one year. How many times am I going to have to bathe? This is really getting ridiculous.

When I sent my cousin, Mustafa Akbar Mohammed bin Umasa al-Tikriti bin Laden, affectionately known as "MuAkMo", to fetch me some holy figs and holy water from a regional marketplace, he never returned. I am assuming the Americans got him. Either that or he is tired of the martyr's life of wandering through the caves and mountains. Well, he won't get to film the next of my exciting film releases! No sireebob! You ditch Cousin O and you get burned. Burned, I say!

Posted at 08:54 pm by Osama
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Dec 3, 2004

I hereby order all of you to enslave your women and children and follow me! NOW! The only way you can be free is to smother the two pillars of society! Clothe your whores and take more wives! Beat your children and camels! That is the way of the civilized society, unlike those American infidels who are always chasing me.

Sorry for the lack of posting, I pray to Allah that all finds you well. Are you reading the Qu'aran, kufr? I did not think so. Look away, do not cast your sinful gaze upon my holy, shining visage.

I'm baaack.

PS, I hear the Satanists have introduced a product named "Febreze." It's the name of a demon! It takes away natural smells that can only be produced by one year of bathing less than three times! Whores!

Posted at 01:16 pm by Osama
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Nov 8, 2004
Oh, Poo

Bush won the re-election. I killed a fuzzy bunny out of rage!

Posted at 03:17 am by Osama
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